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My Father, My Hero: An ATSM Holiday Challenge

In about 10 days from now we celebrate Father’s Day. This post is dedicated to my dad, who is the hero in my life. He is 90 years young and still practicing medicine. He is a pediatrician and dedicated his whole life to his profession. One of my most vivid memories of him when I was little was when at the middle of the night, our phone rings and my dad answers a frantic call. Without hesitation, he immediately rushed out of the house with his medical kit. He did not come back until early morning. I saw him at breakfast still in the same clothes, he looked tired and near tears. He kept saying that he wished he could’ve saved the little boy.. I never asked him about that night. But that was when I realized that he wasn’t just my dad, but was a doctor who truly cared. Here is a photo of my dad in his younger days. I thought the image of the doctor in the set really looked like him.

But because of the current situation and because of his age, he was forced into retirement – hopefully just a temporary situation. He is not happy about it. He is a man who is truly one for others. I love you, Pop! This is for you!

My card for this challenge inspiration uses the new digi stamps from Polkadot Orchard. They had just released a new line of digi stamps dedicated to nurses and doctors. For this card, I used three digi stamps sets: Prescription for Happiness (which has over 40 different images and sentiments) for the background, Feel Better Soon (the stethoscope) & Making a Difference (the doctor image and the sentiments).

If you are curious to know, I use CANVA to do the layout for all my digital images. It is easy to use and I can manipulate the images easily. I will do a brief tutorial in a blog post soon.

For the front of the card, I used the doctor from the Making a Difference digi set and paired it with the “Thank You for Making a difference in my Life” sentiment.

For the background, I chose four different images and laid them out on the card in a semi-random order then made them all 25% transparency to make it look like a watermark. I took the stethoscope image from the Feel Better Soon digi set and positioned it in such a way that if I cut around the doctor image it would not show from the front.

Then I cut the panel to 5.5″ X 4.75″. I left a 1/2″ on each side so I could score at 4.25″. For the front, I scored it on the left side

For the second layer, I scored on the right side.

For the base, I cut a 5.5″ X 4 1/8″ . I cut the side a little smaller than 4.25″ to give allowance for the scored folds of the two panels.

I then used white colored pencil color the images. I decided to keep it a fairly simple card. The only other detail I added was a handrawn line across the top of the sentiment to distiguish the front from the background.

For the finishing touch, I use a gray ink to lightly ink blend all sides of the inside and outside flap of the card.

Hope you we inspired by my card and I will see you over at the ATSM challenge!

‘Til next time!



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7 thoughts on “My Father, My Hero: An ATSM Holiday Challenge”

  1. This came out beautifully! I love heading the story behind why you chose this set. And it’s awesome to see the picture of your dad. I know he’ll love this!

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