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Swipe a Plaid Father’s Day Card

This month’s Papercraft Business Challenge is Father’s Day Card or any Masculine card. This month’s inspiration card is a technique I have used before to create faux whitewashed wood panels. This gave me the idea of using this same technique but with my mini ink cubes. I thought that this would be perfect for creating plaid patterns for masculine cards.

For this card, I decided to make several plaid background patterns using different color combinations. I am using Altenew Mini Ink cubes for this because I have the complete set of ink cubes so I have a lot of ink colors to choose from.

On a card base, I swiped the ink pad at an angle across the card in one motion. It’s important that you angle the ink pad so as to avoid the ink getting all splotchy and uneven as explained in my previous blog post about this technique.

I swiped the color across until I filled the page, Then I chose another color and swiped it vertically. I made sure I left a small gap between ink swiping. I also varied the widths of the swiped by varying the pressure of my ink pad on the paper.

After I was done with the swiping, I got a black mini ink pad and swiped it vertically to mimic the lines in the plaid patterns.

I did this with a variety of colors of inks. These are all the backgrounds I had made after my 15 minutes swiping session. I love the rustic look and the uneveness of the pattern. It almost looks like real plaid fabric. If you like to have the pattern more even, you can probably use a ruler to “guide” your ink pad as you swipe it across the paper. I like mine uneven for a more organic feel.

The pattern is quite busy so I decided to keep the sentiment and embellishments quite simple. I die-cut the letters that spelled dad using the lower case bold alpha die set from Altenew. The sentiment “You are the Best” was from the Leaf Canopy stamp set. To embelish the cards, I dug up some holographic beads from my daughter’s beading tray.

I hope this technique is something you would like to try!

I’ll see you over at the Papercraft Business Challenge blog. I can hardly wait to see what you create! You just might win this cute little stamp set from Lawn Fawn.

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‘Til next time!



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