My love affair with Copics

It started about a year ago when I got into Instagram for CraftyAnna and I would see a lot of card makers using these permanent markers using copics. They did all sorts of magic with them! I thought, wow, that looks like a good medium to get involved with.. until I found out how pricey they were!

Fast forward to Christmas 2018 when my family went on holiday in Japan. This was the land of copics! I saw the opportunity to “invest” in them and decided to buy a few.. but a few turned out to be A LOT! I bought 72 markers in total. Not a lot for some people but a lot for me specially that I had no idea what I could do with them.

As soon as I got back, I jumped right into learning how to use them. I signed up for Sandy Allnock’s Copic Jumpstart class at I highly highly recommend it! This class taught me to love the endless possibilities of copics.  Thus my love affair begins..

Here are a few photos of the work I did at the class. I’ve turned them all into cards!

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