A crafty afternoon with the Sitio Kids

A friend of mine was looking for volunteers for the afternoon to teach arts & crafts in a local day care center/library for underprivileged kids ages 5 to 11. I immediately jumped at the chance!  I love to teach arts & crafts and my dream is to one day teach my art to adults and kids alike.  I regularly do charity work but its mostly feeding at shelters.  This was a perfect opportunity to do both!

For our first afternoon together I decided on teaching them the art of Japanese paper folding or Origami. I started off something simple like a duck and worked our way to a “jumping” frog.  Then we had a jumping frog race which the kids really enjoyed!

Here are a few photos of my afternoon with them.

20190125_152227 (1).jpg

I was pleasantly surprised the older boys really got into origami.  They were so eager to learn more but sadly we ran out of time.  I did make a commitment to come back and teach them more!

It was a fun and fulfilling afternoon!

‘Til next time!


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